About Wiilow Seren

Being the daughter of the local fire chief, Willow Seren has from an early age learned how to put out fires and save lives. For her, the natural thing was to educate herself as a firefighter and rescue worker.


Later she moved on to be trained as an electrician. At the same time, she became a first aid instructor, guiding others to how they could save lives.

As she got the diploma from the electrician school, her arms were heavily inflamed and that was the end of her career in manual labour. That catapulted her into the world of self-development and spirituality.


Her first encounter with self-development was a PBS show with Wayne Dyer and that ignited a flame inside of her she didn’t know existed.


Her trials were not over though.

Soon after her dawning awakening into inner work, she became a mother for the first time.

Going from being outgoing and self-sufficient to sitting at home most of the time taking care of her infant son with almost no contact with anyone other than her partner, she got thrown into another crisis experiencing postpartum reactions.


It was a sharp contrast to her life of being outgoing and doing whatever she wanted.

This sparked another wave of seeking answers inside of herself.

She started meditating in a group with other like-minded people.


This started a journey both within and without leading to a lot of different courses and programs ranging from Prana Nadi healing, Reiki Healing to Thought Felt Therapy, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Introspective Hypnosis. 


Willow Seren is inviting you to meet your essence through a guided Inner Journey.


She has been working with groups and clients to resolve deep-seeded issues for the past 7 years. 


Her background in QHHT, TFT, Introspective Hypnosis and her own journey through life has given her the knowledge and wisdom she uses to help her clients go through their own journey.


She has the ability to always see the best possible outcome for her clients and will support them in getting there.

Wiilow Seren has a magical ability to see to the core of what you need, to address and bring you there to resolve the issue and bring you back again, feeling lighter and ready for facing life with a new perspective.


In sessions with Wiilow Seren, her voice automatically drops you down into your subconscious from where your inner journey of insights and healing begins.

Her innate intuition and empathy guide her to what direction the session needs to be taken.

Working with Wiilow Seren is very powerful and has the capacity to turn your life upside down. 


So fasten your seatbelt - you are in for a ride.